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За творческие и профессиональные достижения Андрей Путилов вручил работникам государственные награды

Во время заседания коллегии облгосадминистрации Андрей Путилов вручил государственные награды за высокое профессиональное мастерство лучшим специалистам в различных сферах жизнедеятельности Херсонщины More

Андрей Путилов: Для меня очень важны демократические и европейские ценности

Люди, собравшиеся на митинг возле Херсонской облгосадминистрации - это люди, которые переживают за Украину, за ее будущее - отметил Андрей Путилов More

Andriy Putilov Participated in the Peoples Veche on Independence Square

As the coordinator of the Kherson tent, which since the first days of the Revolution of Dignity was set at the Kiev Euromaidan, the Head of the RSA Andriy Putilov cannot but joined the events dedicated to the Day of Dignity and Freedom on Independence Square in Kiev More

The Head of RSA Instructed Law Enforcement Officers Regularly Report about the Release of Prisoners of War

Andriy Putilov: It is necessary to establish a clear contact between law enforcement agencies of the region in order to organize the work on the release of Kherson military, who are now in captivity in the area of the antiterrorist operation in the east of Ukraine More
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New Personnel Appointments in Kherson Regional State Administration
During the board meeting of the Regional State Administration, which took place today, November 28, Andriy Putilov presented a new face of the regional government, approved by the Administration of the President of UkraineMore
In Kherson Region Winter Cereals For Harvest in 2015 Were Fully Sown
Winter cereals for harvest in 2015 were sowed 569.5 thousand Ha or 100% to the taskMore
Regional State Administration Establishes Coordination Emergency Center for the Military
The leadership of the RSA initiated the establishment of Coordination Emergency Center for the Military. It will work under the patronage of the Regional State Administration, for it will be allocated a separate roomMore
In Novovorontsovka District Was Opened Temple of Ukrainian Orthodox Church
In Novovorontsovka Central District Hospital was held grand opening of the temple of Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Archpriest Timofiy Lendel was elected as a deanMore
President's Address to the New Verkhovna Rada: From the Revolution of Dignity to the Country of Dignity
President Petro Poroshenko took part in the opening of the first session of the newly elected Verkhovna Rada of the VIII convocation. The Head of State addressed the Parliament with a message "On the internal and external situation of Ukraine"More
Round Table Gathered Journalists And Civil Society Activists From Different Regions
Journalists from Ternopil and Sumy took part in the "round table" on "The role of media and NGOs in unity of the country"More
Journalists From Other Regions of Ukraine Spoke With Kherson Volunteers
Today journalists from Ternopil and Sumy visited the Emergency Center for the Military, which is located in the premises of the Kherson Regional State Administration, and had a chance to talk to volunteersMore
Journalists From Ternopil, Sumy and Kherson Brought Presents for Military
Journalists from Ternopil and Sumy visited border-based in the village Chervonyi Chaban and entry and exit checkpoint “Kalanchak”More
Doctors and Pharmacists of Kherson Region Handed 50 Completed First Aid Kits
November 27, in the Public Health Department was held a transfer of first aid kits to commander of battalion "Kherson" for fighters who are serving in the area of ATOMore
The Commander of the Military Unit: "The Help Supports Our Morale"
During the three-day forum journalists from Ternopil and Sumy together with Kherson colleagues visited the border checkpoints of Kherson regionMore
President of Ukraine Expressed Gratitude to Sweden for the Ratification of the Association Agreement
President of Ukraine has held a meeting with Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sweden Margot Wallström. The Head of State is grateful to the people of Sweden for the support and solidarity with Ukrainians. He called the visit of Mrs. Wallström "very symbolic", as the Swedish Parliament had ratified the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU that dayMore
In Kherson Proposed the Solution of the Issue Considering the Crossing of Administrative Border Between Crimea and Kherson Region by Ukrainians
Participants of the round-table meeting developed proposals for government to solve problems considering the crossing of the administrative border between temporarily occupied Crimea and Kherson by UkrainiansMore
At the Board of Rectors of Kherson Region Was Considered the Optimization of Universities Network in the Region
Today the Head of Regional State Administration Andriy Putilov led a meeting with rectors of higher educational institutions III-IV level of accreditation of Kherson region More
Journalists From Sumy and Ternopil Together With Kherson Colleagues Visited the Border of the Region
Today journalists from Ternopil and Sumy came to Kherson region. Together with Kherson colleagues they launched a three-day marathon during which visited the border of the regionMore
At the Initiative of the Head of the RSA Were Organized the Rest-days for Pensioners
At personal initiative of the Head of the RSA Andriy Putilov were organized free cultural and informative events for veterans and the elderly in the cinema hall "Jubileyniy"More
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