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05.07.2013 | 09:31

The Exhibition "Culture to the Touch" Teaches to Perceive the World in a New Way

The rule "Do not touch the exhibits" does not work at this exhibition. An unusual exposure is open in Kherson, where you can touch, listen to, or even appreciate the smell of the subjects.

Try the "culture" to the touch Kherson citizens could in the exhibition hall on Svobody Square, where an exhibition devoted to the outstanding personality of Olha Skorokhodova is open. A woman who since childhood have not seen or heard, was able to conquer nature and become a well-known scholar and writer.

The event was another initiative of Kherson branch of the Sociological Association of Ukraine and Bilozerka museum and the Foundation of Polina Rayko as part of the project "Culture to the touch."

The first phase of the project was the openning of an interactive exhibition on homeland of Olha Skorokhodova. In the district Bilozerka museum were open exhibitions, during which you can "see" exhibits in your own hands, work with art materials blindly and become familiar with the subject through a variety of senses.

The continuation of the project was a plein air where young artists, film directors, graphic artists, sculptors and choreographers worked on pieces of art dedicated to the book of Olha Skorokhodova "How I perceive, imagine and understand the world around us." As a result of a two-week intensive laboratory and field work came to life art reflections in a variety of genres of art and design: painting, drawing, photography, monumental arts, dance, installation, as well as illustrations to the main book of Olha Skorohodova.

The exhibition, which was presented in Kherson, consists of two parts: a permanent exhibition in Bilozerka museum and works of art that were created during the Plein Air.

The exhibition will run from 2d to 13th of July, so everyone can take part in interactive activities, blitz course in writing in Braille and create own art piece "to the touch."

"Part and Whole" Volodymyr Ruhalskiy

"Headless nurse" Oleksandr Zhukovskiy

Olha Semeniuta photographed Kherson buildings at arm's length, because this way they are perceived by blind people.

Olha Novikova used 5 senses in her collages: smell, hearing, sight, tactile, taste. Well developed, they disturb us in our lives.

Mechanical jack of sensory defect - Svitlana Mikhalchevska

"Photos inside out: find a difference" - Olha Semeniuta

Paintings or more precisely installations that can be "seen" by the blind - artists from Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine

Sеmen Khramtsov "Eye of the people.

Video "Olha Skorokhodova - person for all times." How to explain to a modern person, thinking by categories of Hollywood blockbusters, how visual victories of deafblind person are. In the film, Olha appears before the audience as a super-hero.


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